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Seidio Ultimate Screen Guard - Anti Glare


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Mar 12, 2010
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Hello All,

Seidio is now offering two variety of Ultimate Screen Guard - Anti Glare for your Apple iPad: Single Pack or Value 2 Pack!


Using your iPad will become worry-free with protection from our Ultimate Screen Guard. Due to its quality, it won't scratch or tear easily, and no matter how many times you tap the screen, you won't have to be concerned about fingerprints.

- Anti-UV Ray coating provides protection from scratches and doesn't leave fingerprints
- Good surface hardness with a 3H hardness rating
- Designed precisely for your device for a perfect fit
- Protects the screen without hindering touchscreen capability
- Apply easily without the hassle of adhesive
- Easy installation and maintenance without the hassle of adhesive
- Included is a cleaning cloth and soft card to simplify application
- Available Now!

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