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Change core app icon


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Jun 30, 2010
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Gothenburg, Sweden
My iPad is jailbroken and I have WinSCP.

I'd like to change that retro-style YouTube icon to an icon of my own. I can of course create the icon myself, but where am I supposed to place it?

Please type the entire path, not just something like "Library\Applications\YouTube", for there seem to be hundreds of folders called Library.

I'd also like to be able to replace other core app icons, but that should be practically the same thing, shouldn't it?
Some tags, just for being-able-to-find-the-thread purposes: icon, JB, WinSCP, YouTube, core app, change, customize, jailbroken, OpenSSH, directory
Thanks in advance! :)
Check out ifile in cydia from there you can show the name of your app folders instead of the numeric file system iPad shows by default that might help you locate the specific folder. You go to edit when it opens and select show app names on folders.
There is an app in Cydia called AppLinks (from BigBoss). If you have WinSCP then you can easily access the folders. Run AppLinks and it creates a folder in root>media called AppLinks where all of your apps are easily found. I use it for exporting audio recordings from QuickVoice. You just have to drag it across in WinSCP to another folder and not just directly to your desktop.

I'm looking for a way to change icons and app names too, but every time I try something it ends up killing the app and I have to put it back the way it was before it works again.

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