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Iphoneized! Icons not spaced right, settings- black screen?? Respring fixed, mostly

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Jun 26, 2012
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Jailbroke the other day.
Spent most of today getting a few apps, getting everything set up correctly...etc. Perfect.

At 1 am disaster strikes. I reboot, and my icon spacing looks all weird, i can't run the settings app ( just get a black screen with a few colored pixels in the corner..) can't connect to wifi, some apps won't run and won't connect.

Freaked out for a sec. Did a little research, and found a link that i can't post here. because i don't have enough posts. argghh. google "jailbreak qa random weirdness at boot, normal after respring" and you can see what i'm experiencing...

Looked just like this. Did what the person said, swiped my sbsettings across the top, tapped "respring" and everything returned to normal.

Last thing I really did was added the xsellize repository, but I never got it working properly. Am on 5.1.1. and read some problems about that not working, so i went into cydia/sources and deleted that repos.

So at this point, I have two questions.

Main question 1: How do I save the apps i downloaded? saw youtube vid that says to connect ipad, go to applications, then just drag onto desktop. will this give me the ipa files? I read they were in a /tmp directory somewhere. I downloaded ifiles but somehow cannot get to the root directory. ( am i supposed to be able to?)

question 2, is a factory restore and possible re-jailbreak the only way to correct this? or should I start scrapping programs? I did download winterboard and bytafont....where would one start in terms of troubleshooting this specific problem? Is there a known fix for this?

I really like the device so far, but really an apple noob, so please be patient....very grateful for your help

Sorry my first post is a problem. I really like the tablet. Super cool. And very hard to put down....
As you are jail broken I've moved this into the hacking section to get the right folks looking at your issue.

The Archangel
We are unable to help you here, as you sir, are a pirate (read: one who loads sources so that he can steal apps). My proof? Your admission that you loaded the xsellize repo. You had to accept a warning from Cydia to do this install:


So no, you'll receive no help here. This forum neither condones or supports pirates and their activities, including aiding them when things go wrong with their iPads (as they inevitably do). Not only is any discussion of piracy against our rules, piracy is illegal. Don't be a pirate!

Wait. I DO have a suggestion/help for you: Restore that iPad back to a stock iOS 5.1.1, re-jailbreak it if you wish and then stay away from the illegal and piracy stuff! If you do that, and then legitimately buy your apps and tweaks going forward - I'm 99.9% sure your iPad will work just fine. It's how the rest of us operate - and our jail broken iPads work perfectly.

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