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Can you change icons in the status bar on iPad 1?


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Oct 25, 2011
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I have tried multiple themes and searched though the directory structure for possible names of the icons in the status bar with iFile. I end up with the default status bar except for the name . I'd like to change the battery picture and the wifi connection symbol.
UIImages seems to work for the iPad 2 in the theme directory, but not for the iPad 1. Perhaps I'm overlooking something.

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The names for the graphics on ipad 1 & 2 are identical.
There is a difference between iOS 4.3.3 and 5.0.1.
Here are my notes from when I changed my WiFi bars to be smiley faces (they changed color based on WiFi bars). The biggest thing is that the names changed with iOS 5.0.1. So:

Everything in your UIImages folder that is Black_ needs to be changed to WhiteOnBlackShadow_
and Silver_ needs to be changed to ColorOnGrayShadow_ (Except for the Base.png e.g Silver_Base.png stays as it is!)

e.g Black_DataTypeUMTS is now WhiteOnBlackShadow_DataTypeUMTS.png
e.g Silver_DataTypeUMTS is now ColorOnGrayShadow_DataTypeUMTS.png


I also made note of this problem:

Silver (ColorOnGrayShadow) icons work wonders!...but as I've said on my end the Black (WhiteOnBlackShadow) only shows when I bring down the Notifications Center.

try to name the graphics also "WhiteOnBlackEtch_"

so that you have, for example, one Graphic three times with the names

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


So, changing all the names to the three above worked for me and my WiFi bars. I believe the battery is the same...

Hope this helps. And that I've understood the question... :)

Ah, I should have said that I have iOS 5.0.1.
When I search with ifiles for any of the names in UIImages the resulting list is only those which are within themes. There are no results in the /System/Library branch.
I shall keep experimenting.
Thank you.

(edit). I would search for partial file names; for instance, batt for battery.
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I changed many of the items within the UIImages folder to have the WhiteOnBlack_. Then I added the @2x part. I tested these one at a time, even though I didn't have a clue as to what the @2x part does. When that didn't work I re-read your post Marilyn and decided to try the one with Etch. After renaming I decided to respring via Wnterboard. As I was going though the motions I noticed as I hit the respring button that the wifi was blue. Too late. I had to wait.
[edit: found that @2x are for the larger icons or pictures.]
Next up, I'll test out the one that replaces "silver".

Thank you both for the help. I'll keep at it until I am able to alter the time and the name of the iPad. Not just the colors of the text.

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