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Shrink - Change Size of Icons and Labels


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Aug 30, 2010
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Western NY state (USA)
You know, some days, you just want a lighter theme on the iPad. But, if you make the wallpaper too light, you can't read your icon labels. Or, you just can't seem to see the icon labels - they are too small (some themes do make them small!). Or, you want to make 8 icons or more in a row on the homescreen, but they are too squished together. Well, there's a tweak to help with that …

Shrink ($1.49 USD)
[Cydia description] Shrink those icons down. Shrink downscales your SpringBoard icons so that you can fit more on one page. No need to respring your device - all settings take effect immediately! Compatible with WinterBoard, Iconoclasm, FolderEnhancer, Infinidock, WeatherIcon, and Backgrounder. Now with label coloring, scaling, and hiding options.

Okay, I could be here all day showing you all the different ways you can resize your icons, badges and labels, not to mention the fact you can change the color of your labels. So, let's just go with a few screen shots so you can see some of the tweaks you can do. Here is my iPad as it currently is:


To get that, I've made my labels black and sized up to 150%. My icons are the stock size, but my badge size is increased to 125%.

Here is a shot of the Shrink settings (in the Settings app). As you can see, there is a lot you can do:


The scale range for the icons (springboard, dock and switcher bar), badges and labels is 25% to 500%. The labels can be changed to any color you wish by sliding the bars shown in this picture:


For the heck of it, I've made some changes to show just what the capabilities are of this tweak:


Now, that's not my cup of tea, but there are so many ways to set up the icons and such to be just the way YOU like it. The best part is - you do NOT have to respring after making the changes. When you close Settings, the effects are in place.

I like this tweak a lot and I hope you do, also. Happy modding!


P.S. Just so's you know, my iPad is running other tweaks that are not mentioned here, but that do cause it to look a bit different than stock: (1) Infinidock - 9 icons on the dock, (2) Springtomize - 5 rows & columns & my name versus "iPad" in upper LH corner, (3) BytaFont - the font style, (4) OpenNotifier - status bar icons (colored icons is my tweak) and (5) inPulse for iPad - theme (with those gorgeous silver frames!). Just in case you want to know or find them yourself on Cydia...
Nice write up....I've been using shrink for awhile.

Off topic ~ DANG with all those extensions how the $&@& do you have 103mb mem... o_O on an iPad 1.

Edit: never mind just seen your sig....this must be on your ipad2....
No, Outlaw, this is the iPad1. The 2 is my mom's and it's only used by her (I jail broke it just to see the process ... and maybe use it to help here on the forum to answer questions specific to the 2).

I've got that much RAM because I have really pared down the tweaks on it. If you take a look at that second screen shot, you'll see that I've got very little - and most of it is not mobile substrate stuff.

Other than the inPulse for iPad theme, I've pretty much taken off the "oh look, ain't this some neat sh*t" tweaks. I only have the ones that I use on a regular basis.

And it was for that reason - I got tired of it being slow cause too much stuff was on it. Now, it's a snappy little beastie!

Now, I'm like Goldilocks - it's j-u-s-t right! :D

The font in these pictures is "Qarmic Sans Font," a font from the [free] tweak BytaFont. It's one of my favorites...

How do you jailbreak your ipad ? Will this mess it up ??

No, jail breaking the iPad will not "mess it up." Mine is working fine - in fact, better than fine. :)

You can jail break the iPad using the steps outlined in this tutorial: http://www.ipadforums.net/showthread.php?t=77390

Before you do, may I suggest you read through this thread (to get a general idea about jailbreaking): http://www.ipadforums.net/ipad-hacking/2838-jailbreak-explained-new-updated-2011-a.html

Marilyn, very sweet looking iPad.
I put mine with a black background for right now. Maybe a typed ye background will be next.

Sent from my iPad using iPF - Peace

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