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Can I do wireless file transfers and use USB webcam?


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Apr 19, 2011
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I have a few questions about Jailbreaking my iPad...

Will I be able to use external USB devices like USB Hard
Drives and USB webcams (with or without the camera connectivity kit)?

Is there an app (like SSH or FTP) that would let me connect wireless over my home wifi network to the iPad from my computer and transfer photos/videos over? This would be much easier than having to transfer them to a memory card and then plugging it into the iPad and then retrieving them from the card.

1) dunno. I really only posted to answer point 2.

For 2)
Goodreader let's you transfer files wirelessly onto the iPad. You can copy files over either through a browser, one by one, or set up Goodreader as a wireless network drive, so that the Goodreader directory shows up as a separate hard drive in My Computer. No jb needed, unless you also require ifile. Anyway, you can easily copy whole folders onto your iPad this way.

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