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Can any body tell me how to watch live football on ipad

Subscribe to Sky Sports and use their App. It's free on iPad, iPhone or PC if you have a home subscription.
I could not find either app in the App Store. I guess there is no free way to do this right.
yep no free football channel so far but not sure if theres football show on RAItv app if they do then it would be serie a though although i dont mind too cause every day i watch games from serie a la liga premiership and champ league :D
If you think of paid apps, you can check "SoccersClub" site
google it by key the phrase. it will refer you to solve your problem.
stevemalta said:
Download "Filmon"from the App Store

Get an Idrifta and watch live football from dstv

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The best app is justin TV try it you will watch all games not only football...

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