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Bobj iPad Cases - Reviews


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Apr 22, 2012
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Is is very gratifying to recieve reviews that let me know I "Got it Right" designing my custom cases. I would like to share a few of these reviews with you from time to time in this thread. Thanks to those of you who take the time to let me know you like my work.

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Kid friendly, really well designed and quality, definitely a keeper! August 5, 2012

Long story short, just get it :)

We've owned this case for a few months. It doesn't have any issues with fit, like so many cases for devices have, there are no drawbacks that I could find. The color is slightly lighter than pictured on my monitor but is still vivid. The rubbery material that makes up the case is thick and solid, nice quality. This case is Very kid friendly, it has saved my new Ipad 3 numerous times already. There are nice big, but not oversized, stand knobs molded in the back of the case, all one piece, so if it falls flat on it's back they provide shock protection. Also, it holds the ipad up off the surface so if something spills on your work surface the ipad doesn't get wet. Easy to get on and off but not so easy that it would ever fall off, fit is excellent.

There are nice beveled, curved cutouts for all ports and the speaker, volume buttons etc. Nothing is missed. Love this color. The single minor thing I noticed, was that the cutout for the volume button was just a millimeter or so too close on mine. Buttons are still workable but it is honestly the only error I could find, maybe it was just mine, doesn't affect funtionality in the least. The front of the case is rounded on the edges so it creates a nice protection zone for the front screen should a drop happen, keeps the surface well away from whatever ground the Ipad might be hitting because of the way it is raised and curved.

There is a raised vent on the back about even with the "feet" to vent heat as well. Just really well thought out, and the design is virtually flawless. This case is heavy duty, it adds a negligable amount of weight like alot of cases but in my view it's well worth it for the protection the rubber surface provides. Grip is well improved also, to be able to prop up, lean or just not drop the thing on the way to the car. There is a nice thick amount of case at the corners, case is thick material throughout except at the cutouts where it is beveled away. I am guessing my Ipad would have been broken about six times by now had it not been in this case. I do own a much more expensive keyboard case that I haven't even used since I received this one in the mail. It's also easy to clean because of the rubber material.

I see this case lasting a long time, if you're thinking about it, just buy it, it's wonderful.



5.0 out of 5 star
Cute and Appropriately Rugged July 2, 2012

This particular Ipad cover will work wonderfully well. I needed a cover that will let me grasp the Ipad comfortably while I used a stylus to write my evaluations of numerous speeches. I also need to be able to carry it all over campus, whatever classroom I'm assigned to, etc. This cover is rugged enough to do all this without me worrying I'll damage my Ipad and it's attractive, too!



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