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Anker Zolo Tough case for iPad mini review


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Sep 21, 2010
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The Zolo Tough case from Anker is a Folio style case for the iPad mini 2 & 3 with increased protection over your normal folio style case.
While this is folio case, it actually comes in two sections as the front cover is held on the back by a strong magnetic connection and this can be removed if the user wishes. It isn't the slimmest of folio of cases by the very nature of its protective design but has surprisingly little bulk and weighs in at 195g and in truth it isn't much bulkier that the official smart case. It is also part of the wider Zolo range that interact with that magnetic connection to car mounts and external batteries - more details of this can be found on the Anker website at http://www.ianker.com/.

The rear shell of this case is made from a thick but pliable material but wraps around the sides and rises above the screen ensuring this will not touch the surface if left face down. The nature of this material means it has good shock absorbance and it is marketed as drop tested to 5 feet meaning a normal drop should not incur any damage to your iPad unless you are extremely unlucky. This rear case features all the requisite openings for access to lightning connector, speakers, microphones, lock switch, camera and headphone port. The power and volume buttons are covered but designed to work through the case.

The front cover is a synthetic leather material with a soft, interior lining and this sits on top of the screen and inside the edges of the rear shell when closed meaning the additional bulk of this case is kept to a minimum. This cover is reinforced to offer protection to the screen but unusually for a folio case, it is a single piece that doesn't fold up to work as a stand. That is managed by the clever magnetic securing arm that lets you angle your iPad with the cover acting as a base and supports both portrait and landscape viewing. This cover also supports auto sleep/wake if you have this enabled in settings and this worked perfectly every time.

While this doesn't offer the same protection as a full on rugged case, it is definitely a big step up over normal folio cases and a great option for those that like to throw the iPad in a bag and go or for the people who are prone to dropping their iPads. There is also the interaction with the rest of the Zolo range to consider but even on its own, the Zolo Tough case comes highly recommended.

I received this as a review sample for a fair and unbiased review from http://www.amazon.co.uk/Anker®-TESTE...nker+zolo+case

Video review:


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