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Anybody use the Touchtype Case?


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Mar 5, 2012
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Chicago NW Suburbs
I was looking as usual for a case to hold my Ipad 3 and my Apple bluetooth keyboard. I came upon this site: Touchtype | Case for iPad + Apple Wireless Keyboard and really like how slim it is and how it also accomodates the Ipad and the apple bt keyboard. I have a targus case that holds both, but it's heavy, bulky, and the keyboard is a very tight fit in it, which sometimes turns the keyboard on when zipping it shut. I really like the touchtype case design and was considering donating to it, but want to know if anybody on this forum has one or has donated to the cause. I already signed up for the newsletter, so when and if it becomes available for sale in stores or online, I would be aware of it. Just wondering if anyone has donated and received one, want to be sure it's a trusted source. Appreciate any input on it. Thanks in advance.:)

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