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Any Ipad 3 Cases that hold the Ipad and Apple BT Keyboard?


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Mar 5, 2012
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Chicago NW Suburbs
I have a Targus case (more like a bag with handle) which I had for when I bought my Ipad 2, and now have the Ipad 3. It has a slot for the Ipad and another zippered opening for a stand and Keyboard and where I keep my charger cord. It is made for notebooks and laptops I believe. It works good, holds everything that I need, but looking for something like a Folio style case for the Ipad and the Keyboard. The case I have is kind of cumbersome and not really what I was looking for. Most folio cases I've looked at, come with a keyboard already included with them. I like the Apple keyboard and have no need for another keyboard. Just would like a slimmer folio style case that I could put the apple keyboard in with the Ipad also. If it can fold into a stand also would be nice too. Does anyone know of any cases like this? Surprised I haven't found one, since I'm sure the Apple BT Keyboard is a popular keyboard.

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