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Alternative to Origami Workstation for use with the Apple Wireless Keyboard


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Jan 27, 2010
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Seattle, Washington USA
This folio was mentioned on another (to be unnamed) iPad forum by another poster. As a user of the Apple Wireless Keyboard with the Origami Workstation, I was happy to see an alternative. In fact, I think it's the only alternative for those who want the functionality of a combo iPad/keyboard case while using the Apple Wireless Keyboard.

BTW, the photos on the website imply that the iPad can only be used in landscape orientation with the AWK. That, in fact, is not true. It can also be used in the portrait view, a big benefit of the Origami Workstation.

Unlike the OW, using this case as a stand involves removing the AWK and placing it in front of the folded folio that holds the iPad. This might be considered an advantage or a disadvantage. In any event, it appears to provide a nice solution for those who want a combo iPad/keyboard case but aren't willing to sacrifice the AWK.

Not especially inexpensive ($80) but since the case holds both the iPad and the AWK in a single leather folio arrangement it does mean that a separate bag/case (e.g. Messenger bag) isn't required as is the case with the OW and iPad.

As noted, I have no personal experience with the product but the poster who brought it to my attention likes his very much and claims the leather is very high quality. YMMV.

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