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Annoying new iPad behaviours


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Mar 18, 2013
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I have an iPad 5th generation (and basically consider the iPad is the best thing that was ever invented). The os is 15.7 and I haven't been told I need anything more.

I am noticing three problems I never had until about six months or a year ago.

Tabs. They used to be quite stable. Yes I know it can slow you down if you have too many so I did prune them often, keeping them down to 10 more or less. But those 10 it was useful to have around for a few days, to put things on one side and would come back to them. The way they of recent keep disappearing is a real nuisance.I can find them again often, but it's not that easy as they will be by no means the most recently deleted items.And anyway, in case you were going to tell me it's easy, there are so many of those easy things that one uses from time to time I can never remember them when needed. Can I prevent it happening in the first place?

Half a dozen times a day at least I of late get interrupted with the message that the iPad needs my six digit startup number again to continue.
This never used to happen.Is it a new thing dictated by security or something or is it something I can prevent without harm to myself?

languages. I use other languages than English quite often. I rather often find that whilst I am dictating in English the system jumps to another language.Not a big problem and I must say that the dictation system has become remarkably intelligent, but still I could do without this little imperfection. And despite what I just said, I would still like to be able to train the translation system – it cannot distinguish for example between my "that" and "but".
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I haven’t noticed that issue as of yet in my iPad 9th gen but perhaps it was fixed in the newer generation. I do know however there will be a iPadOS update coming soon so maybe things will be fixed.

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