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A Mini Without a Mouse: My New Adventure


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Jan 13, 2013
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A couple of days ago I purchased an iPad Mini and the protocols, even the physical movements, are new for me. I've been using desktop PCs for 30 or so years so I have a reasonable grounding in consumer level computers in general, especially with Microsoft software and use of the internet.

I got the Mini mostly for the purpose of doing a quick "lookup", such as using the Mini's very quick access to Google, and to browse my favorite sites daily without always having to boot up my PC, e.g., I'm watching, say, Downton Abbey, and it's very convenient to simply Google to get a definition of some strange phrase in the even stranger language those Englis cousins of ours use from time to time (as the old saying goes: children of one mother, divided by a common language).

I'll probably continue to use my PC 90 percent of the time, but I hope this forum will be helpful as I adapt to the functional differences. For example, I'd like to copy (not transfer) my MS Outlook email address book to the Mini so I can email, at will, any of these folks directly from the Mini without going to another part of my home to boot up the PC. The only ideas on offer I've been able to find so far involve using the "iCloud" to create a new email principal address which would then distribute incoming emails to all my devices. It should be simpler and more convenient than that approach.

I'm a bit confused but happy to be here.

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