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    Apple Pencil generation 1 price increase Black Friday

    Did anyone else notice that the Apple Pencil generation 1 suddenly increased in price by £20 overnight on Black Friday?
  2. M

    Apple Updates iWork Apps on iPad With Apple Pencil Support

    At today’s Field Trip education event in Chicago today Apple announced a brand new, lower-priced 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support, and then swiftly also released an update for iWorks apps Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iPad and Mac, complete with Apple Pencil support. AppleInsider...
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    Apple Launches New 9.7-Inch iPad With Apple Pencil Support

    Just as expected, Apple has today announced an update of its popular 9.7-inch iPad, with the addition of support for Apple Pencil and improved performance, all for a lower starting price of $329. Apple made the announcement at its Field Trip educational event in Chicago today, where it revealed...
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    Apple Offering Sketch Walks for iPad Pro to Celebrate 10 Years of Urban Sketchers

    AppleInsider reports that in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Urban Sketchers, the Today at Apple program has announced a series of sketch walks, hosted by Uma Kelkar, Rob Sketcherman, Don Low, and Omar Jamarillo, in Apple’s San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Berlin retail stores...
  5. G

    Apple Pencil in MS Word

    Is it possible to use Apple Pencil as a pointer/mouse in MS Word 365 on iPad Pro? The default is for Apple Pencil to trigger freehand drawing/annotating, but I want to use it sometimes as a cursor or highlighter since it has a more precise tip than using a finger.
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    Apple Launches Clever New iPad Pro Ads

    9to5 Mac reports today on an inventive and quirky new iPad Pro ad campaign from Apple that is somewhat reminiscent of the famous “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads. The adverts feature tweets from PC owners about the iPad Pro such as “An iPad Pro is not even close to being a computer,” or other tweets...
  7. S

    Ipad Pro 12.9 surface drawing problem with the Apple Pencil

    I got my first Ipad a few days ago and I try as best as I can to describe my problem. When I draw with the pencil the nib in some little areas of the glass gets kinda stuck/ runs unsmooth over the surface. This makes my pencil stroke uneven, jagged in these spots (more than tolerable). The...
  8. L

    Help! Unwanted finger detection when drawing with Pencil

    I've recently purchased an iPad pro with the pencil, and so far I love it. However...one huge and annoying issue I'm having is unwanted finger detection. While the palm rejection feature works great at not making unwanted marks on my drawings...while I'm holding the pencil, I noticed that I will...
  9. B

    iPad Pro: Apple Pencil functionality for pdf files

    Hi there! I’m contemplating buying an iPad Pro but I do need to know one thing about its functionality. I require a pdf reading app that recognizes Apple Pencil input as separate to touch input. Specifically, I would like to have “page-scrolling” selected for touch input and, at the same time...
  10. M

    Traditional Artist Turns to iPad Pro

    Fast Company has a typically interesting story about San Francisco artist Tiffany Bozic, a traditional paint-and-canvas (or in her case, paint-and-maple-wood) artist who was persuaded by Apple to participate in its “Start Something New” campaign and experiment with using an iPad Pro and Pencil...
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    Image Editing App Pixelmator Gets 3D Touch and Apple Pencil Support

    AppleInsider reports that image editing app Pixelmator has just been updated with Apple Pencil compatibility and 3D Touch support for iPad Pro and iPhone respectively. Just as with Apple’s Notes app, the Apple Pencil is now fully supported in Pixelmator, with a variety of features, including...
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    Apple Finally Gets FCC Approval for iPad Pro and Pencil

    MacRumors reports that Apple has finally been granted approval by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, just in time for their launch in November. The iPad Pro will be sold in Silver, Space Gray and Gold versions, with prices starting at $799 for a...