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    Sorry if this is an old topic, but I haven't found the answer by searching. I'm a pretty new user of an iPad 1 (version 4.3.5). Everything was working quite well until I was prompted I needed to download an update by iTunes. I downloaded the update and immediately started receiving an error message which I've already forgotten, but the solution was to uninstall iTunes, Quick Time and all things Apple. The uninstall feature in XP wouldn't allow the uninstall. I finally used a third party program called Revo. I've been able to reinstall iTunes, but the minute I attach my iPad to the computer to link to iTunes I receive a new error about Data Execution Prevention. I've got a check mark in the iTunes box in the DEP icon box. I've Googled a bit about both these errors and see they are both known problems. However, as my computer knowledge is pretty limited I must not be understanding the 'fixes' as I can't seem to work around the problem. Now I can't download my recently checked out ebooks from our local library or anything else which requires connecting the iPad to the PC. Any simple explanations would be sincerely appreciated!


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