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Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by kittie, Jan 19, 2016.

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    I have a mini which is now three years old. I have recently treated myself to the iPad Air 2. The mini had become very slow and jittery so now I have the new one I would like to wipe the mini completely, restore it to its original state, and just reinstall a select few apps and my email program. My question is will the fact that it will also wipe all my photos and videos, which are now on my new iPad, affect the copies on the air 2 and my iPhone? Never really understood camera roll, photo stream etc! Thanks.
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    When you wipe your iPad, the first thing you have to do is disable Find my iPad, and then sign out of iCloud. This means your device isn't connected to the other Apple devices any more, and should not have an influence on their content.

    It's not that difficult to understand iCloud PhotoStream, or iCloud Photo Library (I hope):
    PhotoStream makes your images available on other devices with the same ID, for a limited time, and there's also a limit to the amount of images that can be synced by it. When you remove an image from your PhotoStream, it will also disappear from PhotoStream on all other devices synced by iCloud. The image will not disappear from the one device where it was saved. It will still be there in the Photos album or Camera Roll (except if you remove it from there.)
    iCloud Library syncs images and videos between devices, without limitation of time or amount. When you remove a picture from one of the devices connected by your iCloud ID, it will also disappear on every other device using that ID.

    Both, iCloud PhotoStream and iCloud Photo Library, are not meant to store pictures/videos.

    Hope that helps.
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