Version 6.1 of Twitter for iOS Brings improvements for iPhone and iPad Users

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    If you are using the official Twitter iOS application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device, then you should know that it has recently received an update that brings new useful features. Version 6.1 of Twitter for iOS comes with new photo tools, a new recommended tweets section, and better login verification. Here’s how the full changelog looks like:
    • Click on a Tweet and reply with a photo by selecting the gallery icon.
    • Easily mention other users when you Tweet a photo.
    • Improvements to the photo cropping and image rotation.
    • Various improvements to the photo viewer.
    • Users with login verification enabled no longer need temporary passwords to log in to their device.
    • When you’ve read all the latest Tweets, pull to refresh and see recommendations for new content on Twitter.
    Twitter users can now reply to Tweets in their timeline with photos by using a new gallery button and it’s now easier to mention other Twitter users when sharing a photo to their timeline. The photo viewer and photo editing tools have been improved, with more options being offered to the user.

    Besides the above mentioned changes, Twitter users that have login verification enabled won’t need to have temporary passwords in order to log in. Also, new recommendations for content on Twitter will appear when you pull to refresh your Twitter feed.

    Source: iPhoneforums

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