Using FTP/Land to load .imp or .rmap files

Discussion in 'iPad OS' started by tgauthier, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Aug 6, 2010
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    I purchased a program called Two Nav for mapping with my Ipad. I want to install my own map. The file format is .imp or .ramp(raster map). I know it can be done because I saw it demonstrated on an Ipad. I spoke with one of the Admin in the Compegps forum site (TwoNav forum) and they said they don't support transfering in I-tunes yet and to use FTP/Land to transfer the map. I tried I-tunes and the program shows the file but it will not show when that program is open.

    Can someone get me started or explain how I could transfer my file into the Ipad using FTP or Land?

    I can supply a link to the file if that helps.


    Ted Gauthier
    Ipad Wifi 32GB 3G

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