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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Chuy Hardy, Dec 22, 2011.

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    So this post is dedicated to 3 things:
    1- If you wanna share some idea to create a new app (any kind)
    2- Developers that can read this post and get some new ideas, btw if you use one of the following ideas a little credit (or gift version of the app) would be nice ;)
    3- We will say the pros and cons of the others ideas (make only professional and constructive critics)

    So I'll begin, in this holidays EA put all the board games on a special price, so I bought (between others) battleship (the one were you try to sink the other player ships), and y loved the animations and that "feeling" of a board game.

    Anyway, my idea is someone should make a board game of JUMANJI, with the board game style, animations, music, etc. I think it would be a really nice game, so I wanna hear pros and cons, and hopefully some developer saying "I think I'll give it a try" :)

    Btw, sorry if I have a bad english.

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