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    So here's the story. My son (4yrs old) has been playing with iPads, touches, and iPhones since he's been born. We only allow 1hr a day but he enjoys every minute.

    Right now he has an iPad1. It's freezes a lot and crashes on some of the newest games. Some games it won't even run. So he's been complaining about it saying he wants a new one.

    I let him watch videos of all three devices and asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him this Christmas, a touch, iPad, or mini. He said he wanted a new iPad mini so I ordered it the other day.

    I want the actual iPad to only be the beginning of the real gift. I want the real gift to be the way I load the iPad for his enjoyment. I want to find the best games and videos and preload all these things on his iPad before he gets it.

    I'll of course put his favorites on it but I want some ideas for some of the best games out there, but not too complicated ones. Games simple enough for a 4yr old. Games like Temple Run.

    I downloaded Pitfall today and think he'll love it. I also have a list of Disney movies that I'll put on it.

    So what I need from you guys is your favorite apps that you think would be fun for a 4yr old.


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