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    I've searched or this issue and it seems people have a variation of my problem but not exactly.
    Problem: I have a agenda item set for a certain time. In the general calendar view it's correct but when I want to edit it, it show up with time adjusted for GMT (I'm in the Pacific time zone) this is not an issue with an incorrect timezone setting. I have the correct timezone. The strange thing is not all of my agenda items have this problem so I did some experimenting and have come up with this. Only when I setup the item on my iphone/ipad and go to the other device do I find this problem. So to be clear on what I am seeing, let's say I setup an agenda item on my iphone and set the time. On my iphone I can click the item and everything is correct but when I look at the item on my ipad, the item is correct but when I try to edit it, it shows the time adjust to GMT. The same scenario happens when I try the ipad to iPhone. Any clues on how to correct this

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