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    Getting myself organised. I started for the first time to use the standard Calendar app. Save the chaos of stuff written on various bits of paper.

    For the moment I am in Continental W Europe but the events I am logging into the calendar are in the UK where I will be next month.

    At first I entered the times and saw nothing odd. But then I saw the Time Zone option, and entered 'London'. In this case when I press Edit it shows me an hour less (earlier) than what it shows on screen. In fact not being able to get it right on screen I gave it false times.

    Now I realise that may have been stupid. I should have entered the local (UK) option and UK times, put up with seeing the wrong times on screen as I do now and when I get to UK it the ipad will know I am there and all the times on screen will change and become the right local ones? Whereas if I do not use the Timezone option they will look OK now but will all be wrong when I get there?

    If so a slightly questionable system IMHO - in planning you most usually want to have in mind only local times.
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    The Auto option never works for me, even though I never disable Location Services. It just shows the spinning wait-thingie and never resolves a timezone. I have to reset the time manually when I travel.

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