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    A few days ago i was searching for some books from Dean Koontz. And I saw a few of his books in the ibooks store. When Imo ready to buy today i search for his name and it says my search has no results. Does anyone know whats going on? This is why I think i would stick with the kindle app for awhile.
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    Apr 5, 2010
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    I have non idea, I do not buy anything from the iTunes store except apps. I use ibboks for reading ePubs that in already own and have ripped the DRM off. The only problem with Kindle books is they are readable only by Kindle's and Kindle apps. On the other hand ePubs are the current standard in the ebook world, and can be read on many devices...... The Kindle app is good, and I use it some for a few books I couldn't find anywhere elso.....

    Just wanted to add.... If you are somewhat tech savvy, you can buy epubs from anywhere, strip the DRM, and read them in iBooks. I buy most of my books from and do that......
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