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Jan 21, 2014
Feb 19, 2010
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Apr 4, 1957 (Age: 58)
Near Montréal Québec
Furniture Maker

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iPad Ninja, 58, from Near Montréal Québec

iVan was last seen:
Jan 21, 2014
    1. Samana
      Read your interests! I love reading too! I'm hopefully an author to be once I finish writing my book and send it to a publisher!

    2. SweetPoison
      And now the Gentleman is back.:)
    3. iVan
      Well, people! I'm about to go back to work with not too many opportunities to be here anymore. It's been fun and I give you all my best wishes...:)
    4. dmaul1114
      Yeah, I remember you from over there as well.
    5. dmaul1114
    6. neur0n
      Hello iVan - I have seen yout reply in one of the threads in regard to iPad + MyBook World Edition HDD, and thought that maybe you could help me.

      I have filebrowser on my iPad and have a configured MyBook World 1TB HDD (first edition blue rings) running on a MioNet account.

      How did you manage to get it up and running ?

      I wanted to use WD Photos on my iPad but it needs the new version of MyBook World ... white light edition ...

      Will appreciate your help!


    7. Than Lwin
      Than Lwin
      Hi Ivan,
      I can create itunes store account from USA region. So, I download iBooks from itunes App store, and then installed in my ipad. Everything is OK now. Prior to
      this I have downloaded iBooks by googling. Finally I found out that iBooks that
      is not downloaded from App store via itunes cannot be installed into ipad .
    8. Than Lwin
      Than Lwin
      Hi Ivan,

      I have 64Gb wifi iOS3.2.2, itunes ipad.

      My area (Burma ) is not supported by itunes store or app store.

      I have no chance to create itunes account & even I have no credit payment account.

      How can I install iBooks in my ipad to read pdf files?

      I have downloaded iBooks App (16Mb.) by searching Google.

      Will itunes accept iBooks App not from itunes App store ?

      I try to install it in ipad many times, but unsuccessful.

      How can I perform it without itunes account ?

      Thanks in an advance,
      Than Lwin.
    9. IpadOne
      Salut tu me dit quand tu a pris les fichiers … ceux que j’ai sont en français , je les ai converti en Epub … par contre si tu a des agatha en FR je suis preneur :)
    10. IpadOne
      tcho toi … regarde dans ta dropchose :)
    11. IpadOne
      OK mais elle est jolie la boite, apres le volume et la rotation tu t’en sert pas toutes les 5 minutes , cette boite avec un logo façon plaqué a la feuille d’or je suis sur que tu fait un carton , une boutique en ligne et un compte pay-pal et holé les commandes
    12. IpadOne
      regarde si c’est pas beau ça ??

      BRUDA Cases - iPad Cases with excellence
    13. IpadOne
      Salut toi

      Je viens de voir , super sympa l’idée du support micro pour tenir le iPad
    14. iVan
      Bon, ils se sont encore effacés tout seuls!!!
    15. IpadOne
      Pardon … je savais pas j’ai fait le con je les ai effacé … cette fois ci je te laisse les effacer

      mille merci pour les Lagaffes je me suis régalé hier soir avec …
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    Apr 4, 1957 (Age: 58)
    Near Montréal Québec
    Furniture Maker


    Not white, not black just passionate shades of grey...

    Yuno Wataï Minh
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