TBS app over wifi at a hotel

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    Now that TBS tv network has its own ipad app i see that the largest cable provider time warner is not a participating provider.
    Yet Verizon one of the providers and so is comcast.
    This might be a reason for me to change my cable and internet over to VZ and it might even save a few bucks on my monthly bill.

    Does anyone know if they can use the TBS app on their cable system on any wireless network like when in a hotel? time Warner needs you to be on your own home network to use their app. If im home i use my tv! The NBC app works great over any wireless connection.

    I have a slingbox that i used to use but to use it on the ipad they want to force you to a newer slingbox version for another $150-200, plus you also have to pay them another $30 for their mobile app. I would never do that because slingbox is old technology as the cable companies roll out their own free apps.

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