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    I read quite a bit on my iPad, which is also synced with a Kindle.
    As I read, I usually try to stop at the end of a chapter, instead of in the middle. To do that I have a tendency to rely on the clock in the lower left corner of my screen that shows approximately how long is left in each chapter.
    All of a sudden that clock is extremely in accurate. The Kindle, which does seem accurate is about 2 1/2 times as long as the iPad.
    I have timed a few chapters. What the Kindle says will take about 13 minutes is usually about 5 minutes on the iPad. The Kindle is correct.
    This has only just started happening. I tried turning the iPad on and off but it made no difference.
    As I said, this ain't exactly crucial, just annoying.
    Any suggestions?
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    No idea how to fix it. If the iPad guesstimates your reading speed by the past, perhaps you skimmed some pages in the recent past causing the algorithm to think you’re a speed reader. If so, this should cure itself over time.

    I doubt very much that the reading speed estimate is synced between the two devices.

    No other ideas. I hadn’t noticed the reading speed prediction before. Thanks for pointing it out.

    P.S. Just figured out how to turn this on, so you can see it without having to go to the page scroll view.
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