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    I have kindle apps on my iPad and on my android phone. I read the same book on both depending on which I have with me at the time. However each device does not know where I left off reading on the other device. The iPad does ask me if I want to sync to the farthest read page but when I select that option, I am taken to the wrong page. How can I make this syncing work correctly?
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    Your books should synch as long as you synch your book to the server (which of course requires an online connection) right before you close it, and as you open it on the other device. You basically have to give the Amazon servers a chance to be told where you're stopping on one device, and to tell your other device where you stopped last when you reopen your book. On the iOS Kindle app, that means hitting the lower right symbol of two circle-y arrows. I'm guessing that it's a similar symbol on the Android Kindle app.

    If that fails, bookmarking is one workaround. But you still need to have both devices online at some point to communicate.
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