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    I have what I think are fairly basic video needs and have read quite a number of posts here in order to determine an appropriate player. But I still need help. Here are the things that I need to do:

    1. Load videos that I have taken with the iPad camera directly from the camera roll.

    2. Download online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc., directly into the app for later playback.

    3. I have some video that was originally extracted from old VHS tapes and put on DVD and broken up into chapters. I used Handbrake to extract the video from the DVD and would like to be able to play it back with chapters preserved.

    4. Play videos in slow motion.

    I think that this is about it. I am currently using Azul, which does all of the above except preserve chapter content. It is a confusing app with limited features, however, and DOES NOT handle the HD content of the new iPad. This means that I must change the resolution of any video taken with the built-in camera in order to load it into Azul.

    Just so you will understand, almost all of my videos relate to dance steps and are used for learning and instruction. The videos that I take are often in low light conditions so the quality is not really very good but is OK for my purposes, so SD resolution would be just fine.

    So here are my questions:

    1. Is there a video player app that would do better for me than Azul?

    2. And Off on a sidetrack, is there a simple camera app that will let me Record video at lower resolution levels? Alternatively, perhaps there is an app which will let me reduce the resolution of the video after it is made. I see that this app Will allow me to shoot video at lower resolutions, but it sure has a lot of bells and whistles that I don't think that I would ever use. But it might be just what I need.


    As you pros can probably tell, I know little about video and hope I have explained this well enough to define the issues so as not to waste your time.

    Thanks so much for any ideas!


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