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    This may seem trivial, but I just want to be sure. I am thinking about getting a saddle back leather case for my iPad 2, but also want to put some underwear on Padi. A few posters mentioned the attraction of dust to the leather. So I am thinkin of my buying a vinyl decal skin from fleabay (on sale for 11.15), but I also want a screen protector. 3

    Do I need to put the screen protector down first and the skin on top or seal the skin with the screen protector. I am very antsy and I change alot, so I know I will be changing the skin often. I'm not worrying about re-using it or anything. When I get tired of it, it will be trash. That's why I would rather pay $11 than order one from a retailer for $20-30-- that I will throw away. (I'll probably order a body guardz or something with a warranty for the sp so i can get new ones when mine get dirty.)

    You might think I'm doing a lot for my Padi, but if you knew me, you would know that my mind travels faster than the speed of light, and I need something to always keep my on track and bound.

    So thoughts?

    Skin first or Screen protector.

    PS...I want all of my accessories to arrive with my Padi. She is scheduled for 21-26 (fingers crossed). I also have a macally bookstand 2 and keyboard. I'm just trying to get her clothes ordered.
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