Should i buy an iphone 5S? Camera quality?

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by therealriley, Feb 24, 2014.

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    Can anyone give me some info? Im looking to get a new phone as mine is broken now. I can get an upgrade now but should i go for the 5s? I hate buying apple products with the next model looming round the corner but i need a phone now. I mostly need a good camera, i had a nokia Nseries with a 12mp camera and carl zeiss lens and that was much better than my iphone 4 so how much better is the 5s?
    I have a good camera but when im on the move i like to fall back on my phone to take pics. My nokia could take a picture, then zoom and the picture was high quality as if it was never zoomed. Will i match this with another phone or am i wishing?
    Can you offer any advice on which phone to get?
    Many thanks
  2. scifan57

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    Dec 3, 2011
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    The iPhone 5S has an 8MP camera with an f2.2, 5 element Apple designed lens.
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    Megapixels is a deceptive way of measuring (marketing) quality. Among top quality cameras in phones the iPhone 5S is the best, or one of the best; depending on who's reviews you read. It is an excellent camera with some nice features.

    I only have the 5, and while the 5S is not a game changing jump from the 5 in terms of camera, there were enough improvements that I am still tempted. But the iPhone 5 camera is pretty darn good, and my contract isn't up yet. I'd have to pay full price. I'll wait to see what the 6 has to offer.

    If I needed a new phone now, I'd buy the 5S for sure.

    Hold in mind that Android phones aren't really under consideration for me. Or Windows. They have some nice cameras too, in some ways superior, in other ways not, but important as the camera is it's not the only consideration.

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