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Discussion in 'iPad FAQ' started by ssbib, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Hi everyone. Thanks for reading my post. I've got a couple of questions I wish to ask. I hope you can help me with them.

    1) I have recently bought an Apple AirPort so I can use the AirTunes to listen to music in my bedroom. I use the iTunes remote app to control this. It works like a dream apart from one little glitch. When I have not used it for a few hours and I first launch the remote app and try to play some music it says "no airport device can be found on your network" and then it makes me select some more speakers for the music to be played through. If I immediately close the remote app and open it again it will work perfectly and will continue to do so until it has been idle for about 12 hours. What is the deal with that? Does anyone know how to stop it?

    2) the battery indicator on my iPad and iPhone 4s (in fact on every apple item I have owned) is a poor visual display for the life left in the battery. I have the percentage indicator turned off (cos it plays on my OCD too much when I realise I have lost another percent) and just have the battery icon. Right now I am looking at it and it looks like I have about 15% left, but if I actually go and turn the percentage indicator on the check it shows I have 30%. It seems to always look like it has less than what it does after you reach the 50% mark. I think it is because when the battery is full, there is a slight black border around the edge which makes the 'depleted' section of it seems bigger than it is when the battery starts to drain. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Thanks again.

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