Is there a battery widget?

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    I've noticed a couple of the apps I have (Bamboo Paper and Paper by Fiftythree) are "full screen" in that they block out everything including the battery indicator.

    There are other apps that suit my purposes, which don't block the battery indicator, like GoodNotes. I'm not an artist, I'm using an app like Paper to jot down ideas with.

    But I like the looks of Bamboo Paper and Paper by Fiftythree, especially the way they arrange things in journals (their UIs just "suck me in" so to speak). So is there some kind of battery widget app that stays visible when either of these apps are open? Failing that I've started looking at ways of making the charge last longer. I've done a search for adjusting the low charge warning alerts to show me say when it's 50% discharged but from what I've read that's not possible.

    If anybody has other suggestions I'd be interested.

    I have an iPad 2 with iOS 6.1.3.

    I do also have Notabilty, which lets me see the battery indicator. I've been happy using that for note taking but I'm not sure I like it for drawing little diagrams.

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