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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by slayda, Jun 21, 2013.

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    I am on vacation in NC mountain near Murphy, NC. We have noticed that our iPads and cell phones (iPhone 5, Droid Bionic & Samsung) all seem to discharge faster and charge slower than at home.

    I am retired and at home use my iPad all day for internet, reading, gaming, texting. At the end of the day I usually have about 20% charge left and charge the battery each night. Here, by mid afternoon, I have to charge the battery. At home, my iPhone goes several days between charges and recharges very quickly. Here, I'm having to recharge it daily. Usage on both devices is about the same here as at home. Daughters iPad and all cell phones are showing similar phenomena. I don't know of conditions that would cause this. Does anyone else know or have experienced such? Again usage is very much like at home.
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    That can be caused by the various antennas in your iDevices being farther from the base stations, whether it be for Wifi (router) or cell phone towers. The farther you are, the more power is requried to get the signals across in a reliable way.

    Now with charging, that is likely a result of the devices draining to lower levels than when at home. So, to recharge, they simply need more juice to be added to the tank...and that takes longer.

    I would suggest tha,t when & where possible, keep something on the chargers so things don't drain as much.

    In the meantime, say hello to physics. :)
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    If your devices are roaming that can account for increased power consumption.


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