Popular Photo Editing Pixelmator App for Mac is Coming to the iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Pixelmator has appeared on stage at Apple’s iPad event today and now it has published a blog post featuring a sneak peak at Pixelmator for iPad. The upcoming release is going to be a full-featured version of its popular photo editing app for Mac.

    Pixelmator said that its iPad app will include a layer-based image editor with a true-to-life painting engine, color adjustments, retouching tools, effects, shapes, typography, selection tools, non-destructive layer styles, and even support for Photoshop documents. Here's what they said on the official blog post:

    "This one is huge. And I mean it.

    We are extremely excited to finally let you know that we’ve been working very hard at a non-stop pace for two years on something that is definitely one of the best apps for the iPad ever. Or, if you will, definitely the best image editing app for the iPad."

    Full iCloud support with iCloud Drive and Handoff features will also make their way into the app. This means that saved and current documents can be available across devices at any time. Pixelmator for iPad is to be priced at $4.99 and will be available for download “very soon.”

    Source: Pixelmator
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    Well, I have Pixelmator on my Macs and have used the app just a little - a powerful program that I really need to explore further - will likely give the iOS version a try, especially @ that price. Dave :)
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    A lot of these apps suffer on mobile, imo. Don't get me wrong I'll prolly add this to my collection of art studio, PS touch and the likes. But you can't just download free custom brushes from deviant art or free fonts from dafont and install on the fly. But I'm sure there will in-app purchases ofcourse.

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