Popular Image Editor Pixelmator for iPad Updated with New Tools and Features

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    Back in October, last year, we reported that Pixelmator had arrived for iPad users. Since then, it had received a big update in the middle of December, 2014. And now, developers have come up with some new features for the popular photo editing app. This time, the update is just as big, bringing a lot of new features and fixing many issues. Let's have a look at all of them:

    New features and options

    • Unique watercolor painting technology allows creating real-life-looking watercolor paintings
    • 12 new beautiful artist-designed watercolor brushes
    • The new Color Picker now features the history of your previously used colors
    • Use the new Color Grid in the new Color Picker to pick colors even more precisely
    • Optimized Painting Engine gives you up to 2 times faster painting performance
    • Now you can open 16-bit RGB, CMYK and Grayscale Photoshop image previews, as well as Photoshop images containing layer masks
    • Insert an image as a new layer right from your iCloud Drive
    • Use the Lock Alpha feature to paint on the non-transparent parts of a layer
    • Preview of your brush while adjusting its settings
    • Open and edit RAW image previews
    • Full support for Adonit Jot Script, Jot Touch 4, Jot Touch with Pixelpoint styluses
    • Enhanced stylus pressure sensitivity with all styluses
    • Scale images without constraining proportions: Tools > Format > Arrange > Constrain Proportion
    • Invert image colors with the new Invert color adjustment preset
    • Open PDF files from your email or any other app
    • See precise color values while selecting colors with the Eyedropper
    • Adjust the settings of an effect more accurately with enhanced slider sensitivity
    • Zoom into your image while still tweaking the effect’s settings
    • Rotate text more accurately with the new text rotation slider: Tools > Format > Arrange
    • Toggle between full-screen mode more easily
    • Optimized memory use allows to undo much faster while painting
    • Cleaner Eyedropper Interface
    • Refreshed look of the Gradient Picker
    • Auto Save improvements
    • Updated Wacom Stylus SDK for even more precise painting
    • Memory leak fixes
    • Fixed Eyedropper crashes that happened while rotating the device
    • Fixed adding layer from Photo Stream
    • Fixed transforming maximum-sized layers
    • Paint freely without affecting locked or hidden layers
    • Smoothly transform maximum-sized layers
    • The image no longer dims when adjusting the effect’s strength

    Have a look at the above video, as well, in order to see the new features in action. And if you are convinced you need such an utility, go ahead and follow the link to download it on your iPad.

    Source: iTunes

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