Image Editing App Pixelmator Gets 3D Touch and Apple Pencil Support

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    AppleInsider reports that image editing app Pixelmator has just been updated with Apple Pencil compatibility and 3D Touch support for iPad Pro and iPhone respectively.

    Just as with Apple’s Notes app, the Apple Pencil is now fully supported in Pixelmator, with a variety of features, including pressure sensitivity, tilt, acceleration, palm rejection and low latency input. You also get a choice of more than 50 custom brushes, such as a new Pixel brush that produces retro graphics.

    The update also includes 3D Touch support for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, and in particular for home screen Quick Actions and in-app Peek and Pop functionality when you want to preview or share images. You can also now use 3D Touch as a pressure-sensitive finger painting tool, whereby you won’t have to change your brush settings to alter your stroke weight, you simply have to alter the degree of pressure that you’re using on the Pencil.

    Also included in the update is support for 16K documents up to 100 megapixels, crop and straighten improvements, being able to adjust font sizes up to 1,000 pixels, and assorted bug fixes.

    Click here to buy for $4.99: Pixelmator on the App Store

    Source: Pixelmator gains Apple Pencil, 3D Touch support in latest update
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    I've had the app for some time and got it when it was temporarily free.

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