Popular 'Ulysses' Writing App for Mac is Now Available for iPad Users

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    Ulysses is considered to be one of the best writing apps for Mac users, having received high marks from users from all over the world. Now, to build on that success, the developers behind the app are making it available for iPad users, as well.

    The app is so popular mainly thanks to its clean, text-focused distraction-free interface and organizational system. It has now received a major update for Mac users, besides the important expansion to the iPad. However, you need to pay a nice buck to get it, as it will set you back $19.99. But here are the many features that you will be getting:

    Write & Edit
    • Markup-based text editor
    • Simple markup for headlines, lists, comments, quotes, important passages and more
    • Easy insertion of links, annotations, footnotes and images
    • Multi-part button row for comfortable editing
    • Swipe selection
    • Option to attach keywords, notes and images
    • Search & Replace
    • Spell check, auto correction, dictionary, dictation
    • Comprehensive text statistics
    • Optimized for the use with external keyboards
    File & Organize
    • A single library for all texts
    • Manual sorting of sheets and groups
    • Groups, intelligent filters, favorites
    • Full iCloud synchronization
    • Editing of external text files
    Export & Processing
    • Export as PDF, RTF, TXT, Markdown, HTML and ePub
    • Live preview, send as email
    • Pre-selected styles for export
    • Download more styles from the Ulysses Style Exchange
    • Share files via Dropbox
    User Interface & Navigation
    • Clean, distraction free interface
    • Three-paned layout (library, sheet list, editor)
    • Easy swipe navigation
    • Light and dark writing modes
    • A wide choice color palettes
    Source: Ulysses

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