Astropad App Turns iPad Into Professional Graphics Tablet for Mac

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    iDownload Blog features a really cool new app for the artistically inclined. Called Astropad, it was created by two ex-Apple engineers, Matt Ronge and Giovanni Donelli.

    The app works by interfacing with the Mac client via Wi-Fi or USB, so that the strokes that you make on your iPad are reproduced in the corresponding Mac app, whether it be Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Pixelmator, and so on.

    iDownload Blog says that pretty much any pressure-sensitive stylus on the market will work with the app, with stylus strokes being transferred to the Mac with smooth, 60-frames-per-second movement. This fluidity is apparently due to the proprietary Liquid technology, which is said to be almost three times more fluid in its responsiveness than Apple’s AirPlay.

    The iOS app can be downloaded for free here:

    The Mac client costs $50.


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