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    Ok, hopefully apple will be announcing the iPad Oct 22(tommorow). I am going to be totally out of character and pre-order the new iPad. I have to assume that the manufacturers of cases and covers have to be in on the true dimensions for production of peripherals so they are ready for purchase by the time the new iPads are released. I get my covers off of Ebay- they look just like the 60.00 covers ( even in leather) but for like 15.00 ( I only shop US shippers even though I'm sure they are made overseas). i want to have my protective cover on hand when I pick up my new iPad- Anybody ever have problems getting new covers since the dimensions are so different from the last 3 models?
    I am so enamored with the iPad- the last time i pre-ordered a new piece of technology( HTC EVO LTE) I was so burned- piece of crap. I don't think Apple products are as issue ridden as android and PC products- to think i almost went with a windows 8 computer instead of my 2012 iMac( phew)

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