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    Hi! My name is Kimberly and I just got my iPad. I purchased a 64 Wi-Fi, as I didn't want to have space issues and anticipate being in hotspots or at home when using my iPad. Right now I will be using it as an ereader and to surf - email, facebook, etc. I plan to resume work on my PhD in mid2011, so I'm hoping the iPad will make things easier for me. I will be doing quite a bit of online database research, so I'm hoping I can save docs and not have to kill so many trees (I'm going to have to figure out the PDF tricks). I have an iPhone 4 and am fairly competent in its use. I have teen-aged kids who get frustrated trying to explain technology to their old mom, so I'm hoping the Forum will be helpful. I've already learned new stuff just by browsing - so thanks for all the answers that are posted and thanks in advance for future assistance.

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