New iPad 2 Smart Covers Are Here!

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    Well we might not have that iPad 3 just yet, but to keep us all occupied and content in the meantime, Apple has decided to refresh its range of Smart Covers for the iPad 2. MacRumors reports that the orange polyurethane cover has been discontinued and replaced by a new dark gray cover. Apple has also made some other tweaks to the Smart Cover designs, according to MacRumors, such as having the colour of the inside of the cover the same as that of the outside, so that you have a more uniform look. Previously all Smart Covers except the red one had the same gray colouring on the side facing the screen, no matter what the colour of the outside of the cover. MacRumors adds that the colours of the polyurethane range of Smart Covers are now more vibrant shades of blue, green, pink, light gray and dark gray. As far as the leather covers are concerned, the tan, black, cream and red remain the same, but the navy version is now “more navyâ€! MacRumors notes that Apple’s online store has already been updated with the new range.

    Source: Apple Updates iPad 2 Smart Cover Offerings with Color Tweaks - Mac Rumors

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