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    OK my ipad is jailbreaked with 3.2.1 it works fine. I want to update it to 4.2. I hook it up to itunes it tells me there is an update available I click to update it downloads the update but as soon as the download is finished it crashes I get an error message.(I will try to post picture of error message). I have tried to get the ipad into recovery mode follow all the instructions but get the same error message, how can I get rid of the jailbreak and update to 4.2, I understand there is no jailbreak yet but I am willing to do it and jailbreak later when it is available untethered.


    Update: went into settings and reset it from there, now its stuck on the apple logo nothing else happens

    Update: managed to get it into recovery but keep getting same error message

    Well no replies but if anybody cares I fixed it, got it up and running.

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