Multiple photos in photos tab of ipad

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    There are multiple same photos when I tab"photos" in my ipad.
    One of each is possible to delete ,the others not. Why this ?

    And I want to delete several of these multiple copies.

    Which part of "photographs" counts in icloud space and which fills ipad's space ?
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    You can only delete photos in the Photos app on an iPad if they were either taken on the iPad, received on the iPad via email and saved to the Camera Roll, or loaded using the iPad USB or SD card camera adapters. If the photos were synced to the iPad from iTunes on a computer, they can’t be deleted on the iPad. You'll have to delete them through iTunes on your computer.

    You can see here what is backed up to iCloud:

    If you want to know what uses space on your iPad, go to Settings - General - Usage - Storage, tap Photos & Camera


    And take a look there.
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