Microsoft Announces Remote Desktop App for iOS

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    ZDNet reports today that Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a Remote Desktop iOS app alongside it’s versions for Windows, Windows RT and OS X. The information was revealed by Microsoft in the middle of a press release about its enterprise cloud solutions. Seeing as this is big news for iOS users, it’s strange that Microsoft only gave the announcement one line in the official missive!

    ZDNet says that the app will launch at the same time as Windows Server 2012 R2, so that should mean later this month. According to ZDNet, the iOS app is a revamped version of the Mac Remote Desktop client, which launched two years ago.

    And, while Microsoft may not have made much of a song-and-dance about the forthcoming Remote Desktop app, Microsoft Valued Professional for Remote Desktop Services, Michael Roth, blogged that the apps are “a pretty big deal,†and that they show that Microsoft is “very serious about enabling BYOD [bring your own device] by means of desktop virtualization.â€

    Microsoft to launch new remote desktop apps for iOS, Android | ZDNet

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