Google Releases Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS to Remotely Control your Computer

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    Google has finally released the Chrome Remote Desktop app for iOS that allows iPhone and iPad users to securely access their computers from the comfort of their iOS device.

    The launch takes place around nine months after Google has released the tool on its own mobile platform for Android users. You can follow the link at the end to download the new app from Apple’s App Store, but just in case the link doesn't show up, this means it isn't yet available in your region.

    Besides remotely accessing your computer from your iPhone or iPad, the app can also be used to give a friend or somebody else temporary access to your desktop.

    iOS users can set up remote access by using the Chrome Remote Desktop app from the Chrome Web Store and then just open the app on their iPhone or iPad and tap on any of their online computers to connect.

    The Chrome Remote Desktop app authorizes the connection by generating a code which users must input into their smartphone or tablet. Chrome Remote Desktop first launched out of beta in October 2012, and it is now available on Android, as well as on iOS.

    Source: Google, iTunes

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