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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Max, Apr 2, 2010.

By Max on Apr 2, 2010 at 6:22 PM
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    I will be camping out the San Francisco Apple Store on Stockton street starting at 3am (ish) Pacific time and will update this post with pics and updates on the line up until the opening at 9am. There will most likely be a gap for a couple of hours as I will not bother you with the streetlife of the Barbary Coast between 4am and 7am!
    And yes, it will be raining! :)

    UPDATE - 9.55PM

    Just found out theres 4 or 5 people in line already so Im gonna head down there sooner than planned!


    Seems like me and Alaa (green jacket) from are afterall first in line. They group of four before us does not have any reservations or preorders, but are here to heckle the ipad to the media later on!! Friggin wierdos! On another note Im asking you all to bear with the quality of my pics as I still love and hang on to my iPhone 2G, low quality pics and all :)


    Apple staff is making noise inside hanging banners behind the curtains entertaining the line which now is up to eleven people! Very cool crowd! No rain yet which also rocks!


    Applestaff is changing decals and windowdisplay on the side of the store. We all are like kids staring at the goldfish tank Lol!


    Line has now grown up in the 30s. Feels like time is flying by!
    Doing triva and talking gadgets with the initial 10 ( with exception of the first four guys who are ipad haters, still a bunch of wierdos. Lol)


    Okey, I'm officially superpsyched! Eventhou the main windows have the magic black curtains covering them, the sidewindow now holds an iPad! So very cool!


    I'm now officially first in line! Staff came out and set up a reserved line and a non reserved line!


    We're it!! Just got interviewed by NY Times! Hopefully he will include me representing our beloved forum!



    Im finally home...
    Being first in line (with a reservation!) and first to enter the store, attracted alot of press from all over the states and the world, Im supposed to expect calls from Associated Press, SF Chronicle, NY Times, The Asian Shimbun (Japans main newspaper) later on today and for the next couple of days!
    Im very tired, my hands and knees are swollen from lack of sleep plus not using my waterbottle enough.
    That was probably one of the craziest experiencies in my life, I got to meet Jony Ives who congratulated me (and me thanking him for all he have done!) Wasnt allowed to take pics with thou...

    Its an awesome little machine and I think I might have won the Pacific Time zone case from CIMO.

    Time to play! More pics will follow soon!

    Thank you all for following my little adventure in my corner of the world!
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Max, Apr 2, 2010.

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    1. JohnnyApple

      Be sure to tell everyone about the forum here, it would be great to get some new people here. Wish I had some biz card templates done but I don't :(
    2. Max
      Might hangaround the store for a bit later in the day and reset the safari homepage on the ipads in the store to our forum....maybe! LOL

      But hell yeah! Absolutely...A man gotta represent! Right?

      With a little luck I might be first in line and we'll get some media coverage aswell! That would rock!
    3. DavidNM
      You know - if you were to put a quickie intro doc together (b & w) - maybe two individual fliers to an 8x11 page - put the forum logo as well as what it's about -- then post as a high priority topic on the board early tonight -- I bet you could get some members to print off some sheets and hand them out at the Apple Store tomorrow. Just a suggestion.
    4. DanaNgidhu

      I plan to stop by the Best Buy after I receive my IPAD tomorrow, just to get some pointers. If you send the flyers, I will pass some out to the less fortunate persons standing in the line. :)

      I am in Alexandria, Virginia.

    5. Max
      Just got a call from a fellow apple geek that theres 4 (Four) people in line as of 9.30pm....

      Its all fine by me aslong as im not behind 100 people LOL
    6. dennis
      Good luck Max! I wish I was getting mine tomorrow, but mine is coming later this month. :)

      Stay warm. I hope it doesn't rain too much on you.
    7. cimousa
      Good luck! Hope you can provide us with some pictures as it happens!
    8. iDan
      I just read on a local blog that both Austin locations will not allow you to line up outside before 7:00AM..

      "Both Barton Creek Mall and The Domain have announced that no one will be allowed to line up outside the Apple Stores prior to 7:00 AM so go ahead and have that second cup of coffee."
    9. Snoopyto
      At the Orlando Florida Mall at 7:15am Eastern, the line had 10 pre-orders and about 25-standby folks. Same thing here, Apple employees making tons of noise setting up the new display.

      Trying to pass the word about
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