Apple Removes Competing Fitness Bands from its Retail Stores, Makes way for the Apple Watch

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    The Apple Watch has many features and functions, and many of them make it a veritable fitness tracker. Which, obviously, puts it in direct competition with all the other devices that are currently on market. As a matter of fact, Apple used to sell products from Jawbone and Nike in its retail stores, but not anymore.

    Recode informs that the company has stopped selling Jawbone Up and Nike FuelBand devices in its stores as it is making way for its own Apple Watch. Apple will start shipping the Apple Watch from April 24, and it wants to make sure that it will be getting the maximum exposure in its stores, as well.

    Apple has been gradually removing fitness trackers from its stores since last April, and now it seems that the company wants to showcase only its own product from this category. Removing competing products from its stores is not an unprecedented move for Apple. The company also booted Bose headphones from its stores last fall after it has acquired Beats for $3 billion.

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