Is backlight leakage inevitable on LCD screens?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by mikesong0323, Apr 8, 2011.

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    As most of you will know by now, many iPad 2 owners have reported severe backlight leakage on their new devices--many of them got theirs replaced by Apple, however the situation is still the same/worse with the replacement units.
    Personally, I just came back home from a trip to my local Apple Store where I got my iPad 2 replaced.
    My first unit had a REALLY BAD case with the backlight leakage that made even the genius go "whoa that's bad."
    Checked the screen on my replacement unit to find that it's still there, albeit a lot less than the one returned to Apple.
    (It got me thinking/I think I heard from somewhere) that all LCD screens have some degree of backlight leakage.

    What's the truth?

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    The strange thing is that this didn't affect iPad1s, which have more-or-less an identical screen - same size and resolution anyway. The culprit here appears to be the manner by which the screen is fixed - in the iPad1 it was held by clips and in the iPad2 it is held by thermo-setting adhesive. Early reports suggested that, in some cases, the bleeding was caused by the adhesive not having completely cured (set) but since that time the flow of rumour and speculation about the actual cause of the bleeding seems to have dried up.

    However, whatever the actual cause of the problem, it does seem only to have affected the iPad2; I've yet to see any reports - either in this Forum or elsewhere - of problems with the iPad1 display.


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