iPhone and iPads winning the enterprise battle

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    Today, Good Technology released a report targeting the growing sector of the mobile device market, compiled from the company’s range of Fortune 500 clients that use Good’s service to provide email, mobile device management and security products for handsets and tablets. And the results aren’t surprising either.

    iPhone and iOS activations continue to be on top, with iPhones representing 61% of all smartphone activations on Good’s platform and iOS devices covering 70% of activations (notice the little drop from 78% they had in the previous quarter). Android smartphones on the other hand, seem to be doing better than usual, with 39% smartphone activation, showing an improvement month over month. Even so, when it comes to enterprise smartphones, iPhone 4 still gained the first place, with 28,3% of the activations by Good Tech, although the numbers have slightly dropped from the second quarter, when iPhone 4 had 32,4%.

    "This quarter, we saw Android smartphones gain in percentage of total activations," said John Herrema, senior vice president of corporate strategy at Good Technology. "This is likely due to consumers holding back purchases of new iPhones in anticipation of Apple's latest release (the iPhone 4S)—as our reports indicate, consumers are setting the agenda for enterprise mobility."

    Among Android devices, the EVO 4G was the most popular enterprise handset, counting for 1,6% activations. And when it comes to the iPad versus other tablet devices…well there are no other tablet devices – the iPad is the only one worth considering, as far as a lot of major companies are concerned. "To say iOS tablets dominated adoption in the enterprise is to understate the case.... Android tablet activations within Good's customer base remain in the realm of a rounding error compared to what we're seeing with iPad and iPad 2.", the report mentioned.

    Source: eweek

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